Bill Viola takes part in the II Symposium Ibn Arabi of Murcia

The Fourth International Film Festival of Murcia (IBAFF) welcomes for the second time the International Symposium Ibn Arabi of Murcia, an international forum about the figure of the mystic Sufi master who was born in Murcia in the 12th Century. The Symposium takes place the 8th and 9th March, 2013. Under the title of “Symbol and creative imagination”, this meeting held by the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society in Spain (MIAS – Spain) and coordinated by the master Pablo Beneito, wants to become known once again thorough the universal importace, the deep significance and the stated relevance of the Ibn Arabi’s life-giving thoughts. It also wants to promote ths studies about this admirable master from Murcia who is well-known around the world and has influence on different arts and fields of knowledge.

This time, the Symposium will focus on the theme of Creative Imagination and its relation to the symbolism in Ibn Arabi’s thought.  It will also look at the work of other authors and currents of thought throughout time, which both agree with and differ from the ideas of this Murcian author of the 12th century who explained, with incomparable mastery, the metaphysical foundations and the spiritual subtleties of the Imaginal World, the world of the soul, of the arts, of the visionary experience, of dreams, the intermediate domain where we find the sensitive and the intelligible, the corporeal and the spiritual, combining contrary things.


In that way, within the symposium will be especially handle the relation between the different arts and the Imagination: into the audio visual field, Bill Viola – U.S. – will give testimony about his creative experience and his inspiration from Ibn Arabí and related sources; in the field of plastic arts, Ana Crespo – Talavera – will introduce us into the world of color in the Sufism pointing out the work of Bill Viola and, for his part, José Miguel Puerta Vílchez – Granada – will present various aspects of the traditional and contemporary calligraphic art linked to the thought of Ibn Arabi. In the architectural field, Jane Carroll – U.K. – will analyze a range of symbolic linkages between the spiritual geometry of the architecture of al-Andalus and the cosmology of Ibn Arabí. In the field of literature, Jane Clark – U.K. – will show the poetry of Ibn Arabí in her Intérprete de los deseos, studying his symbols, ways of signification and expressive resources and also she will five the keys to know the cataloging and digitization process of the enormous manuscript work of the author made by the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society in Oxford.

On the other hand, will be also handled the characteristic psychology of the master of the al-Andalus: Suad Hakim – Lebanon – will show the variety of modalities of encounters and experiences of the Imaginal World which are mirrored in the work of Ibn Arabí. Jaume Flaquer – Barcelona – will talk about the signification of Jesus in the work and life of Ibn Arabí, influencing in the topic of the active Imagination, and Ángel Almazán will focus into the symbolism of the Sufi of the hermitage from Soria, San Baudelio.

The symposium joins together, then, eight speakers internationally prestigious among them are renowned creators and some of them are the most leading influenza experts in the work of Ibn Arabí.

Within this encounter, Ibn Arabí Awards will be given: the Taryumán award for the dedication to the study, publishing, distribution and translating of the Ibn Arabí´s work which, this year, will be on the prestigious Lebanese researcher Suad Hakim. Also the Barzaj Award, for a  creative track or artistic work inspired in the mystic Sufi thought which, in 2013 will be given to the blobally celebrated master of the video art, Bill Viola.

Three Women, of Bill Viola in Centro Puertas de Castilla

On the occasion of the award ceremony of the Barzaj Award 2013, the American artist Bill Viola, in Centro Puertas de Castilla will take place the exhibition Three Women, piece which is part of the ‘Transfiguraciones’, a group of works that reflect on the trace of time and the process of the transformation of the inner being of the man. Ibn Arabí describes the life as an endless trip when he says: “The Being is an ocean without shore. Contemplating it has no beginning and no end neither in this world nor the next one.” This deep vision of everlasting nature of human life is eloquently expressed in Three Women – Tres mujeres -.

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