Cinemateca Portuguesa. Museu do Cinema

Cinemateca Portuguesa

The IBAFF dedicates the Honorary Award of its 5th edition to the Portuguese Cinemateque-Film Museum, European benchmark in terms of renovation, preservation and dissemination of film heritage since its inception in the 1950s. This is demonstrated by the more than 36,000 titles, 33,000 books, 3,300 magazines and 8,000 movie posters (many of them gems of world cinema), as well as by numerous equipment related to the profession and used throughout the history of cinema.

Founded by Manuel Felix Ribeiro, the Portuguese Cinematheque became an autonomous institution in 1980, daily screening films in its own auditorium until the cellulose nitrate contained in a film burned and destroyed it. It currently has four screens, two of them at its headquarters in Lisbon.

At a time when the austerity measures that are being applied with particular harshness in the countries of southern Europe are combined with the unknowns that the arrival of the digital means for the preservation of and access to the film image in its original format, institutions such as the Portuguese Cinematheque are making a crucial contribution to the renovation and preservation of this identity and memory bank that is film heritage. At the same time, they are making sure to bring the movie making industry closer to the people, at times when the audiovisual world is facing new risks and uncertainties.

Its director, José Manuel Costa, will be joining our Festival to talk about film archives and to collect the honorary award on behalf of the entity. This will also be the occasion to present the tribute series that the IBAFF has dedicated to the institution. We are pleased to have the privilege of showing some of the greatest jewels of its archive, masterpieces of Portuguese cinema, which will be displayed for the first time in Murcia.


Maria do Mar, Leitão de Barros

Acto da Primavera, Manoel de Oliveira

Verdes Anos, Paulo Rocha

Uma Abelha na Chuva, Fernando Lopes

Scenes from the Struggle in Portugal, Philip Spinelli-Robert Kramer

Lei da Terra, Grupo Zero

Trás-os-Montes, António Reis-Margarida Martins Cordeiro

“Non” ou a Vã Glória de Mandar, Manoel de Oliveira

Silvestre, João César Monteiro