The IBAFF official section presents the most exclusive and recently produced art-house international films. This section shows the work by budding filmmakers together with that by established names of art-house cinema, including a varied range of proposals that share their originality, experimentation and their perception of cinema as a part of civilization.

It is an opportunity to come closer to some of the most acclaimed films of the year and, along with the new visions from the Debut Film selection and the Short Film section, to explore a new and especially fruitful territory where authors, genres, and production means hybridize and are permanently reinvented.

All the films selected are screened in Murcia for the first time, and for some of them it will be their Spanish premiere. In many cases, this cinema has received international recognition, but the audience has limited access to it due to the current exhibition facilities.

Rather than conceiving the world from a single idea or stylistic form, the selection aims at showing the diversity of forms in current filmmaking, highlighting the contradictions and paradoxes of its processes and encouraging the dialogue between authors, works and the Murcian audience. It attempts to be, ultimately, a place for the meeting, discussion and debate from which to nourish cinema with the energy of its evolution.



As part of the work of a director, his Debut Film is an Epiphany. Promise and declaration of principles, that first time, and his way of communicating with the others will establish—in the case of auteurist directors—a poetics of his own and a universe that will run through his entire work. More often than not, that first film ends up being the most prized and convincing piece of many filmographies. The history of cinema keeps with zeal a good handful of them.

The IBAFF, starting its Debut Film Section this year, wants to celebrate that founding moment. The risk; the astonishment; a way of looking that hesitates without stopping; the calligraphy of the beginner, with all the search, the imperfection, the dedication, and the expressive and creative outburst that it entails.

There is in our selection a deliberate will of showing diversity in the forms of that which needs to be told. A deliberate will to urge the gesture of getting involved, of getting lost, of pulling one’s head out of the deepest water, of holding hands with characters that are as doomed and endearing as unforgettable.

Tanya Valette